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Our Bhutan cultural holidays travel guide highlights cultural things to do on a Bhutan holiday including hiking in the Himalayas, attending a Buddhist festival and learning how to make the most of museums, monks and monasteries.

If this is your first glimpse at the hidden world of Bhutan then make sure its not your last as you negotiate the highest mountains on the planet and boldly go in search of cultural treasures in the Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon.

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Mahayana Buddhism is as neatly interwoven into the lives of Bhutanese people as the silken threads of a thongdrol tapestry where liberation through seeing provides travellers with a rather apt motto to borrow for their own personal passage of enlightenment whilst on holiday here.

Nothing beats the thrill of entering a temple or monastery for the first time, observing or interacting with monks going about their daily chores or simply enjoying their time off from teachings.

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Visiting monasteries and dzongs is a highlight of any tour and you certainly dont have to be devoutly religious to revel in the incredible architecture and sacred symbolism adorning the countrys centres of Buddhism.

Rinpung Dzong in Paro, Tango Monastery in Thimphu, and Nalanda Buddhist Institute overlooking the Punatsangchu River in Punakha, all offer travellers a uniquely personal account of Buddhism in Bhutan with no trip complete without hiking to Paro Taktsang, also known as the Tigers Nest.

Local guides extol the virtues of simple pleasures but encourage awareness of etiquette related to monks, deities and home stays which will invariably unearth encounters around prayer wheels or charred cooking pots.

Cultural treasures are everywhere you turn with the cities of Paro and Thimphu offering illumination in the midst of memorials and museums dedicated to folklore heritage, the Dragon King and the teachings of Padmasambhava and Tibetan Buddhism.

A greater understanding of Buddhism and Bhutanese culture will help you travel with more confidence, and it wont take too long to grasp the basics before you visit Bhutan.