Dating fender pickups

15-Jan-2017 23:40

Few men use dirty pick ups for women when they come to a bar or a night club looking for a one night stand.

You must have heard these typical lines which are then used in parodies and jokes.

So, you can't afford that '54 Strat, or that '64, or even that '74 for that matter.The other numbers indicate 8 - an operator code (the person who ran the winding machine) 16 - the week that the pickup was wound sometimes these codes switched places, but there seems to be little ambiguity with your pickups.Do a web search on "Greg Gagaliano" because he figured out the meaning of a lot of these Fender date codes and published them. I made a typo with Greg's last name (strike the second "a"). There are two articles on Fender Neck Codes, which are important because the same dating scheme was used on pickups (as his 2003 update article mentions). There are courses and books, and of course, there is lots of stuff online which can be quite helpful when you are a new to a dating scene and want to present yourself in a good light.

Some people who do not know much about pickup criticize it, and you need to know why in order to avoid making similar mistakes.On the heel of the neck should be a penciled or stamped date with a month and year that it was assembled in.